DLCs & Purchased Add-Ons#

While Destiny 2 is technically free-to-play, a large amount of content is part of paid expansions.

This guide attempts to enumerate what content is gated behind what paid items.


Most non-story activities are available for free, and technically a player could make it all the way to end game with nothing but the free game.

Included activities are:

  • The new light experience (introductory quest from Shaw Han)

  • Ritual Activities: Vanguard Ops (strikes), Gambit, and Crucible

  • All patrol zones

  • Special Events (Solstice, Dawning, Festival of the Lost)

  • Crota’s End raid

  • King’s Fall raid

  • Vault of Glass raid

  • Prophecy dungeon

  • Seasonal upper track rewards

  • Seasonal artifact

Note that the first few missions of the campaign stories are available for free, but the complete questline is only available if your purchase the appropriate expansion.


While the Reef and the Forsaken story have been vaulted, there is some content this unlocks.

  • The Shattered Throne dungeon

  • Last Wish raid


The Shadowkeep campaign involved Eris Morn, the Moon, and a pyramid ship.

  • Shadowkeep campaign story

  • Pit of Heresy dungeon

  • Garden of Salvation raid

Beyond Light#

Beyond Light introduced us to The Exo Stranger, Europa, and the damnable Clovis Bray.

  • The Beyond Light campaign

  • Stasis subclasses

  • The Deep Stone Crypt raid

The Witch Queen#

The Witch Queen features the return of Savathun and her throne world.

  • The Witch Queen campaign

  • Weapon Crafting via The Artifact

  • The Wellspring Activity

The Witch Queen Dungeon Key#

Starting with Witch Queen, the dungeons were an additional add-on.

  • Duality dungeon

  • Spire of the Watcher dungeon

  • Vow of the Disciple raid


Lightfall features Neomuna, Neptune, and its protector Nimbus.

  • The Lightfall campaign

  • Root of Nightmares raid

Lightfall Dungeon Key#

  • Ghosts of the Deep dungeon

  • Warlords Ruin dungeon

30th Anniversary#

The Nine have brought us a challenge! And a horse!

Look, it’s a game show, and Xur is very confused.

  • Dares of Eternity

  • Xur’s Treasure Horde

  • Grasp of Avarice dungeon

Season Passes#

Each season has its own pass. This page will not list every season, but speak generally.

  • That season’s story

  • That season’s activities

  • Seasonal lower track rewards

Event Cards#

Special events have an extra event card that can be purchased. This doesn’t unlock anything, it just gives extra rewards.

Character & Skip Boosts#

These just complete/upgrade secondary characters, allowing you to skip some of the low-level content after you have finished it once. No content is unlocked.


Many of the above items are available together in bundles. These vary over time, but common ones are:

  • Annual Pass: four season passes (and maybe a raid key?)

  • Expansion Deluxe Editions: The expansion and its raid key (and maybe the seasons)

  • Expansion bundles: Old expansions are frequently bundled


Different DLC interact with cross-play in different ways. In general:

  • Full expansions (eg Lightfall) must be purchased per-platform

  • Season passes are shared across platforms